jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

My school experience

I remember the school with much love. I don’t remember so much about this time because I usually forget many moments. I have only a few in form of flashes, or mental pictures. Therefore, I will tell you my view of the school with the help of my experiences.
When I was a child, my parents put me to the nearest school, “CEIP Los Ángeles”.
In kindergarten, I remember a few things… I remember more moments of playtime, the schoolyard, the teacher, the classroom, my great friend Rocio...
Among those moments, I especially remember a file in particular, where there were calligraphy and drawings of chicks. The teacher, in class, said we colored chicks. I painted colored chicks, one purple, one blue… I painted the leaves where the chickens roost in yellow… (I remember that my friend Rocio painted them as they were in the real life).                                                                                  When I finished and went to give my great artwork to child's teacher, she scolded me and gave me another file  to finish at home to paint chicks with the color they were, yellow, and the leaves…green.
 For me it was frustrating, I made it with all my love and couldn’t understand why if the chicks were not real, they had to have the same color as reality. So there I realized I had to do what the teacher said, no matter what they said and how they did.
When I went to Primary School, I remember things better. The class was very united because they were the same people who were in preschool. The teachers were changing and it was not like in preschool that we only had just one only teacher.
I can highlight one teacher in particular that taught me to add with the help of the "cuadernillos rubio". Her technique was: “Do page 11 and 12 and who ends before must come to my table” at the end, the first three to finish receive some candies. In this way, her students worked with motivation.
I used to be the fourth, but if the 3 same winners repeated in the same week, the teacher gave candies to others, so the kids always got candies whenever the amounts were correct.
I also remember that in my class there was a child with Down sindrome, Sandra. I was wondering, how she can receive candies if she took longer to add? The teacher rationed their sums compared to ours so that she too will take candies. 
In addition to this, sometimes she said in class: “Look at all the drawings Sandra has done!” and everyone said “How pretty!”. Now that I'm older, I realized how good that teacher was, because she was promoting camaraderie and respect for future non-discrimination.
Music classes were my favorite thanks to that teacher, we had fun.                          So I would like that music lessons will never removed from schools, because a good music class can get help a lot, also to complete the culture of children.
I also remember the science teacher who made an "experiment" with us. At the end of the trimester, all children could observe as they were born silkworms. The teacher distributed silkworms to those who wanted, then explain their metamorphosis.
My old teachers had the ability to make an actively learning through games, with great interest and motivation.
I also remember the doorman of the school who was young, "Javi". I was "in love" with him. He did everything: he called home when I was ill, locked and opened the door every morning, brought our sandwich when we forgot them, he said good morning and knocked on the door of the classes to give orders. He was the best.
To my regret, I moved home and school, because the journey was very long. 5th to 6th. In the new school I had teachers who welcomed me very well and there were also very entertaining classes. I had to go to morning classroom, because my parents worked. I think the morning classroom is a staple in schools because parents can leave their children before going to work and children can be safe and have the time to have breakfast, to do their homeworks, to play…
In the 6th, I went down to the small morning classroom to help children because I love children. So that is why I'm in A Education career and why I'm writing this today.
When I went to school things got complicated as I realized that I really did not know how to study. I always had good marks approvingly be pending in class and listening, I always had this interest. In high school I could failled some other subjects, because classes became less pleasant, but I learned to study. It is a big change and I remember with great affection school. Since my teachers did their best for us to learn and above all, our entertainment.

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